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Request to Join North Auburn Artists As a Member/Guest Artist

Each year, the North Auburn Artists invite a limited number of artists to be Guest Members

for the coming year if space is available.


In addition to the annual Mother's Day Tour, the North Auburn Artists have expanded our activities to further advance the interests of our members throughout the year through multiple tours, exhibitions, events, displays, activities and promotions.  Guest Members are invited to participate in these activities throughout the year.

                                  Criteria for Guest Membership is as follows:  

  1.  Application must be received by October 1 for the following year.  Selection will be made before Jan. 1

  2. The availability of an opening

  3.  Artist applicant has a studio in North Auburn, resides in North Auburn or will be hosted by an existing  member for the given year.  (If the latter, please indicate the potential host on the application)

  4.  The applicant's artwork does not unnecessarily duplicate a Member's work to achieve a balance of work shown

  5.  The applicant's artwork maintains the quality and integrity of the North Auburn Artists' artwork.

  6. If accepted, guest members must pay the annual membership dues and the participation fee for the Mothers Day Tour.  

  7. If accepted, members must help on at least one committee or activity to further the interests in North Auburn Artists.



Please send:

Request to Join As a Friend of North Auburn Artists Studio Tour

For over twenty years North Auburn Artists have been sharing their work with the Auburn community.  Our activities include our annual Mother's Day Tour and more recently, multiple other events throughout the year to promote the work and engage with those who appreciate art.  If you would like to help further our goal of bringing unity to our community through art please donate $50 to become A Friend of NAAST and receive:

1.  Special Invitations to upcoming events.

2.  A one-on-one meeting with the North Auburn Artist of your choice. ( by appointment only, based on availability

3.  Inclusion in all North Auburn Artists promotions.

4.  Inclusion on Artist mailing lists.


Sorry we are not a 501c3 organization so your donation is not tax deductible.

Thank you for your support.

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