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Shoshi Bilunos

Clay has been a passion for me most of my life. I am self taught, but have attended many intensive hands-on workshops over the years. I have an extensive library of books and DVD’s from artists all over the world. One thing I have learned is that practice and just doing the work helps you develop your skills and unique character of each piece.

For years form and design were my focus, but learned no matter how beautiful the form, the glaze truly made the piece beautiful and unique or not! Frustrated with traditional glazes and the results, I discovered crystalline glaze while on vacation. I was fascinated by the crystals and the beauty! Rarely have I seen crystalline pottery in my travels. It was then I began an obsessive journey to learn how to create crystalline ceramics. After years of failures (beautiful colors but no crystals) and a lot of experimentation, I have been able to produce incredible crystalline glazes.

All my work is made with porcelain clay and I make all my glazes with raw earth materials. Each batch of glaze produces different results. All of my work is one of a kind, even if I did everything the same, each piece is different and unique. I continue to learn through experimentation with various oxides and minerals to produce the complexity of colors and crystals.

Most recently I have had great results in adding an additional step to the firing process with stunning results. I continue to learn something new each and every firing of my work.

I live and work in my home studio in North Auburn with my husband and Bernese Mountain Dog.



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