Rita Forman




Rita Forman is an Art Glass Beadmaker. Her beads are fun, colorful, cheerful and sometimes very elegant. She uses patterns, textures, bold colors and intensive desgins in her beads which she makes into earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants. She personally handmakes all the beads using a torch to melt and shape the glass. The beads are then annealed in a kiln so they will not crack. The glass rods she melts in the flame to make her beads is handmade glass from Murano, Italy and Portland, Oregon. In addition to selling her beautiful and stylish jewelry, she sells loose beads for the bead lovers that like to use the beads in self-made projects. She has two tables covered with beads to choose from. Rita enjoys meeting and visiting with the artists, collectors and art lovers that come to the tour. This Spring she will be showing at the Nicholson Blown Glass studio.