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Paul Harman


As a realist artist, I am driven by the desire to capture the natural beauty that surrounds us. Whether it is a serene landscape, a tranquil pastoral setting, or a captivating animal or bird, my goal is to create paintings that reflect the life and beauty of the world around us. I am constantly;y seeking new inspiration, exploring different places and seeking out scenes that speak to my heart and creative instincts.


The sheer beauty of nature serves as my primary source of inspiration, motivating me to depict the stunning colors, light and shadows that characterize the world around us. Through my 16 years of working with soft pastels, I have honed my technique, allowing me to skillfully capture the intricate details and moods of old barns, vibrant fall colors, crashing waves, and dynamic movement of waterfalls. Every painting I create is a unique reflection of the natural world, showcasing the incredible beauty and diversity that surrounds us. 




Meet the Artist Video
with Paul Harman
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