Nicholson van Altena Glass


Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Nicholson van Altena Glass was founded in January of 2019 by Hannah Nicholson and Alana van Altena. Hannah and Alana have been interning for five years under Rick and Janet Nicholson of Nicholson Blown Glass, developing a passion for the art of manipulating molten glass. Growing from close childhood friends to professional partners, Hannah and Alana have developed a fluid exchange of ideas leading to unique collaborations.


Drawing inspiration from the flora, fauna, rivers and mountains of Northern California, Alana and Hannah focus on developing work with a natural flow. The vibrant lichen resting on towering pines and boulders and deep emerald pools of local rivers influence their exploration of layering colors and building textures with glass. As they continue to explore and establish their artistic aesthetic, Nicholson van Altena Glass hopes to create work with intention and humility that enhances the visual experience of the global community.


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