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Marianne DeMartini


I have always enjoyed creating with my hands. The long, intricate process of making each piece of pottery is exciting: the texture and smell of the clay, the alchemy of mixing my own glazes, the firing of the piece, and the reward of seeing the finished vessel emerge from the kiln.

I am inspired by nature. Memories of childhood hikes through deep forests and lush green landscapes in Germany, the rich variety of plants in my garden in the Sierra foothills, and the ocean and sky of the Northern California coast all feed my creativity.

Early on in life I became fascinated by the interplay of light and shadow in nature as well as in architecture. I was enchanted by sunlight breaking through the forest canopy and the intricate rose windows of European churches. That dynamic interplay continues to be expressed in my work through the lacy rims and walls of vessels which play with light and shadow.


The form and function of my ceramics are carefully designed to enrich and simplify life. Each piece with its smooth surface and continuous curve is intended to be used in multiple ways. A delicately carved bowl may be used to serve dinner, hold jewelry, or as an objet d’art atop a coffee table. This diversity of function allows each individual to create their own, distinctive use for each piece.

I feel connected to the long line of artisans who came before me—our hands touching through time and space as we work with similar materials. This thread continues with the new owners of my pieces who start their own conversations and relationships with my work.



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