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Kathy Sinclair

I enjoy painting with acrylics, a versatile medium that can be transparent or thickly textured, matte or iridescent, finely detailed or abstract.  This year I have been experimenting with cold wax and oil paint, which can create beautiful translucent layers and textures similar to encaustics. Paper upcycled from shopping bags, sheet music, books, and maps are also included in my mixed media work.


My subjects and styles are diverse, including landscapes, still lives, historical sites, and wildlife. My love of travel is reflected in my work, which is influenced by the people and arts of many lands. Paintings range from small pieces that can sit on a desk or table to large work that can fill a wall.



On the web at:   Facebook: @Kathy Sinclair Fine Art

                              Instagram: @kathy.sinclair.1275

Auburn Community TV's Meet the Artist Video
with Kathy Sinclair
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