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Kathy Sinclair

2019 Painting demo at Galleria.jpg

I use oil paint, cold wax, acrylic and mixed media to create landscapes, still lifes and abstract images. I have been experimenting with cold wax mixed into oils. It is like painting with butter, and yields translucent layers of unique blended colors. Powdered pigments, minerals, paper, and fiber all add texture and depth when combined with the waxy paint. A final layer of wax applied by hand gives a polished, satiny finish to these oil paintings.

The myriad reflections of color and light on water are often depicted in my paintings, whether in oil or acrylics. I find inspiration in nature, travel, gardens and everyday life. My work can be realistic, impressionistic or abstract, and paintings range from small desk top art to large pieces that can fill a wall.




Facebook:   @Kathy Sinclair Fine Art

Instagram:   @kathy.sinclair.1275

Auburn Community TV's Meet the Artist Video
with Kathy Sinclair
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