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David Crosby

David is a native of Indiana.  In 1970 he moved to San Francisco and then to Auburn in 1977.

“I had never seen a mountain or the ocean until I was 19 years old.  Once I did I fell in love and started taking pictures and haven’t stopped since.”

In 2005 David went back to school and started Crosby Graphics doing brochures etc. but was attracted more to the photographic aspects of the work.  He started doing fine art photography, created his website and now showcases over a thousand images! 

He is a veteran of 10 art walks and 4 North Auburn Artists Studio Tours.  He has self-published several photographic books and made over a dozen DVD’s of his photography set to music.

“People ask me what camera I use.  Although I have a high end Canon, I use many different cameras from compact zooms, point and shoots and even my iPhone.  It isn’t the camera that makes the shot.  With the right light and development skills any camera can make a great image.  But composition is the key”

David started capturing images of the foothills but soon expanded to the Sierras and most recently has been capturing scenes in Mexico, Canada and over a dozen European countries.  A fan of Galen Rowell, (Mountain Light Gallery) he has been roaming the eastern Sierras where he also fell in love with the desert.

“I love the magical light that the mountains and desert provide in abundance.”

David’s studio is in a small loft in his house so he shows his work for NAAST in his barn on his property in North Auburn.



Meet the Artist Video

with David Crosby
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