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Cydney Bender

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Born and raised in Carmichael California by two schoolteachers, and having graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (the Harvard of the West), I returned to the area for all the reasons we do:  close to snow, family and job opportunities.  After pursing a professional designation in commercial real estate valuation, I joined the envious ranks and the world of commercial real estate appraising.  About 25 years ago I formed Bender Rosenthal, Inc., a commercial valuation and right of way firm which is still contributing to the delivery of public works projects today in multiple states.


Upon transitioning into the next life phase, I was introduced to the Auburn’s clay community. This group of hard working, sharing, caring individuals have help mold and influence my work approach.  The belief is that all of us are artistic.  Classes, videos, demonstrations, and a desire to learn have led me to the ever-evolving works enjoyed today.





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