Dick Cerruti

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I guess creativity bit me at a young age. Upon receiving a special Christmas gift....a paint-by-number kit of a wharf scene, I was hooked. When completed it was framed and proudly displayed above my grandparent's fireplace.  Grandparents do that kind of thing you know.

The journey has been a joy; developing my craft and meeting accomplished artists along the way. Over the years I have resided in the San Francisco Bay Area, Fort Bragg CA, and now in Auburn. I've had the good fortune of taking an array of art classes, and workshops including overseas. Entering art shows, fairs, and competitions has also helped me hone my skills. Along with awards and recognition, there are clinkers too. Humility goes with the territory, yet the motivation to create good art continues. 

Email:    slowboat41@gmail.com

On the at:  www.dickcerruti-artist.com