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Candi Martin Baker


I am fortunate to have lived in beautiful areas; born in Carmel, California raised in Hawaii and lived in Napa, Pacific Northwest, Tahoe and the Sierra Foothills; each unique however equal in their beauty. My Father, Royden Martin, was a listed artist from Carmel, California; he was also my inspiration to create art.


For more nearly 45 years I have made my home in Auburn; now and then I go somewhere else but always seem to find my way back. My home, in town, is located near the historic Aeolia Olive Orchard and is one of my favorite subjects.  Late afternoon light brings out many colors and contrasts in the contorted trees against the backdrop of the American River Canyon.


I paint in acrylics, oil, and transparent watercolor; subjects are landscapes, large format floral paintings and historic buildings.  I always try to capture the element that inspired me, usually the effect of light.  Always experimenting, always.


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