North Auburn Art Studios
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May 9 & 10, 2015

Saturday & Sunday - 10am to 5pm
Mother's Day Weekend


A-Vincent DiLeo, B-Cathy Cline, C-Anita Posey Lowe, D-Jennifer Riley, E-Barbra Paitich
F-Nancy Polli, G-Nicholson Blown Glass, H-Reif Erickson, I-Diane Wood, J-Don Crawford

North Auburn Art Studios Tour

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Meet the North Auburn Artists

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Auburn Artwalk
6 to 9 pm - Thursday August 14
Courthouse Coffee

1425 Lincoln Way, Auburn
The artwork will be up through September.


Well known Californian artists will be participating in The North Auburn Artists Fall Studios Tour Saturday, September 20 and Sunday September 21, 2014 from 10am to 5pm. The tour is free and all participating artists are within a few miles of each other. Scroll down to learn more about each artist and link to their websites for more information and images.
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Vincent DiLeo Vincent DiLeo - A(map locator)
Vincent is a self taught photographer who has explored many different kinds of photography. His images are continually evolving. His work is called Convergent Media. He believes that the fusion of photography and computer manipulated images may result in the creation of an entirely new medium. The creative possibilities are endless and this emerging new art form has inspired him to create many new works. In his abstract work he is drawn to the use of color and texture and has tried to create an emotional bond between the imagery and the viewer. His "Dreamscape" series was inspired by unusual dreams. He attempts to recreate his dreams in a way that others may be able to identify. Creating photographs from his dreams has been an interesting creative challenge that he continues to
Cathy Cline Cathy Cline - B
Cathy Cline is a well known jewelry artist and artist-in-residence at the Arts Building in Auburn, continues to explore the creative challenge of designing gold, silver and vitreous enamel one-of-a-kind jewelry.  She is also currently using her watercolor and acrylic landscape painting background to create new “paintings” and functional works in vitreous enamel.  “I am fascinated by the interplay of reflections, color, movement, texture and transparencies in nature.  I enjoy interpreting nature’s beauty in my work.” Cathy has a Master’s Degree in Jewelry Design, studied jewelry in London, England and Guadalajara, Mexico.  Also she completed The Revere Academy’s program and achieved Graduate Jeweler’s status.  In the area of enameling, she has taken numerous seminars and workshops from nationally and internationally known enamellists.  She has taught jewelry design for over 30 years in college and high school.  Cathy will be sharing studio space with ceramic artist Anita Posey Lowe during the Mother’s Day Weekend Studio Tour.
Anita Posey Lowe
Anita Posey Lowe - C(map locator)
Anita Posey Lowe is well knownfor her beautiful and reasonably priced ceramic bowls, cups, plates and individual casserole dishes that are microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.  She notes that her glazes are lead-free and safe for food and drink. The colors she works with are earth tones; tan, blue and green when overlapped they create beautiful blends.  All her pots are hand thrown, trimmed and signed.  Aside from her functional pottery Anita’s sculptural art is a mixture of wheel thrown, hand built or a combination of both, she uses several methods of firing -- raku, reduction or pit-- to get results.  She plays with the forms to perfect concepts that reflect her personality.  She says, “each ceramic piece is one-of-a-kind”. A graduate of San Francisco State University with a BA in art, emphasis in ceramics, Ms Lowe has been developing her technique for more than 40 years.  "No matter how much effort I put into a clay piece, the fire, glaze, wind, air and timing all play a role and control of the final outcome of the pottery is left to Karma," says Anita Posey Lowe.  "That's the beauty of pottery and why I enjoy working with it."
Jennifer Riley Jennifer Riley - D(map locator)
Jennifer Riley is an Auburn, Ca. artist who creates exciting and distinctive sculptures created from found and discarded steel. The sculptures form a powerful and, at times, controversial, expression of personal experience and social stereotypes.  Currently showing throughout California and in Washington, she is an award-winning international artist who focuses her work on the human form and horses. Her sculptures range in size from 15 inches to 15 feet. Jennifer Johnson's studio is open year-round by appointment, inviting the visitors to roam through the garden of sculptures and watch creativity in progress in the studio. Purchases can be made directly through the studio or at any one of her galleries. Jennifer invites corporate and private commissions and has a mailing list for show
Barbra Paitich Barbra Paitich - E(map locator)
Silk and steel are her specialty. For many years she has combined the elegance and drape of hand painted silk woven with steel cut in organic shapes to create unique and flowing wall hangings.Vibrant color and bold designs are her trademark and make her work unique. Along with large installations, her work includes scarves, framable greeting cards and luminaries. Her studio is set up for visitor participation. Adults and children are encouraged to try their hands at applying dyes to silk. Barbra also offers kiln fired glass jewelry and accessories. A beaded jewlery line "Baja Elegance" incorporates unique tube shells she finds on a remote island in southern Baja California.www.Barbra
Nancy Polli

Nancy Polli - F(map locator)
Originally an art major in college, Nancy has worked as a Marriage & Family Therapist for more than 30 years, making art in her free time. Last year she decided to focus more intentionally on her art and now works daily creating whimsical mixed-media pieces on canvas and paper. She also teaches creative process though mixed-media art- journal classes in her home studio.


Nicholson Blown Glass Rick and Janet Nicholson - G(map locator)
Rick and janet Nicholson of Nicholson Blown Glass emphasize creativity and innovation. Originally from Hawaii and Ohio, respectively, Rick and Janet built their studio in Auburn in 1982. They have opened for Mother's Day weekend since 1996. Their painterly approach to glass blowing results in figurative and avian sculpture, sculptural lighting, and multiple piece wall and ceiling installations. The combination of glass and metal have allowed their work to expand into large scale commissions. While Rick is the master glassblower, Janet assists and is the colorist and designer of their successful collaboration. Rick was a TA for Dale Chihuly at Philchuck in 1981 and continues to study with masters. A love of birdwatching and and recent classes with Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen and Pino Signoretto have inspired the Nicholsons to create new hot sculpted bird forms. Since glass blowing is a fascinating process to watch, their studio has always been a favorite stop on the tours."like" their Facebook page and enjoy their blog. Visit for more information and schedules.
Reif Erickson Reif Erickson - H(map locator)
Reif Erickson is a regional artist with works in public, corporate, and private collections throughout the Pacific Coast. Reif (pronounced ray-f) has been pursuing his art career for the last 30 years and contributes much of his success to his continuing practice of painting "on location" in what he refers to as Fresh Air™ painting. Through careful observation and technical expertise, Reif achieves masterful landscapes of California, Hawaii, Alaska, and the Southwest. Reif had a solo exhibit of 68 pastels in the Blue Line Gallery in 2013.
Diane Wood
Diane J Wood - I(map locator)
Diane J Wood works both in metal, glass casting, Pate de Verre, and kiln formed glass. Her work most often arrives in the form of faces, study of nature and spiral movement within the glass work.  With her background in ceramics, she makes all her owns glass forms for her sculptural wall work.  The glass work is an expression of movement, textures, and the use of transparency of the glass.  Diane has studied under Dan Fenton for glass casting, and Pate de Verre glass work. She has a fine art jewelry glass line, and glass sculptural work that is shown in galleries in the United States, private residences and internationally.  She teaches metal and glass art in Charter schools, as well as, being an instructor in fused glass at Sierra Community College, Rocklin,
Don Crawford

Don Crawford - J(map locator)
Auburn resident Don Crawford has spent the last 40 years in furniture and cabinet making. Heavily influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement, his cabinetry and furniture reflect the design elements of Greene & Greene, Frank Lloyd Wright, and other early 20th century designers. Recently Don has turned his attention to wood sculpture. These organically inspired abstract pieces are also influenced by the late 19th, early 20th century designer, Rennie Macintosh. Don hopes his sculptures give you as much pleasure to look at as he enjoyed making them.





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