Nancy Holtz

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Nancy Holtz is a local artist with roots in Placer County, who works mainly with ink and watercolor creating her illustrations of historic buildings and street scenes in Auburn and the Sierra Foothills.

Nancy lived and worked in many countries during her career in the 

Foreign Service which spanned 25 years.  While living overseas she was exposed to and inspired by a wide range of art, architecture, design, and art history.  After retiring to Auburn in 1994 she began to seriously pursue her dream of pen and ink sketching and then later added watercolor.  Nancy takes painting workshops, travels extensively, and enjoys sketching on location.

People have commented that she has a "squiggly line" style of sketching, hence the name of her business is "Squiggly Lines by Nancy Holtz.  Her paintings, prints, and cards are for sale in her home gallery.

You can reach her at

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