Howard Koons


Welcome to My World of Photography.  My adult life has been one of travel and photography.    The two make a perfect combination.

Trained in biological sciences (UCSB), I taught it as well as photography in my previous life in Malaysia as a Peace Corps Volunteer (1966-70) and in California. I retired as a building contractor and I'm now a full-time wanderer with camera in hand.  Fortunately my wife, Marlene (fabric artist, quilter), shares this zest for the foreign.

Having started out traveling the world with two Leica film cameras, one B&W, one color, I enjoy the digital evolution of my craft.  Film days and darkroom labors are gone.  The digital photography has simplified and broadened the scope of possibilities.  Experiencing the foreign, one learns human commonality and through photography, the viewer learns cultural diversity as well as those common, equalizing elements that make us human.  Photography freezes that moment of time so that others may learn and enjoy.

We've lived in Auburn since 1971.  Locally I've displayed during Auburn Art Walks, at a local winery, the Blue Line Gallery, Roseville Civic Center, Roseville Chamber of Commerce, Sutter Auburn-Faith Hospital and some businesses.  I'm published in numerous media around the world including Getty Images.  I have running exhibitions in commercial buildings in Sacramento and Roseville.

Interestingly, in 2019 I had an exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, of 29 images of the Kayak-Kenya peoples in the upper Baram River area of Sarawak, Borneo, showing life at Long San longhouse in 1968.  It was to revitalize their ebbing culture, the result of de-forestation and younger folks leaving the villages for the city.  

After a travel and my images receive their final edit, I generally make a video from those images for public viewing.  I've presented videos to the Renaissance Society of California State University, Sacramento, as well as the Sun City community in Lincoln.

My current method of display is mounting the paper print onto an aluminum substrate.  For protection the prints receive several coats of print varnish, and then hardware is mounted on the back for hanging.  This eliminates frames and glass.  All images are for sale and can accommodate any reasonable print size as well as budget.  



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