Dick Cerruti

Visual art is tangible…something you can see and touch. Paint by numbers as a kid, molding clay as a youth and now painting water color outdoors on easel with attention not on the drying out paper but on the  shifting grasses as they move in the breeze; the senses are engaged!

Water color and pastel painting is my focus at this time. I paint from nature, still life and personal reference photos. Most paintings are for sale. Commission work is also welcomed.

How well the piece captures the essences of time and place is my gage for success. Does it draw you in? Does it engage; convey a mood? Does it prompt a closer look, a pause? This is what I look to accomplish. This challenge is met with varying success. Perhaps there is a painting that will speak to you.  

Some awards locally and in Mendocino County have come my way with many paintings displayed in homes in Northern California. I would love to have you visit my studio during this event. Your visit would give me an opportunity to introduce myself, my work and answer questions you may have.

North Auburn Art Studios

Annual Spring Open Studios Tour

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