Anita Posey Lowe


Anita Posey Lowe is well known for her beautiful and reasonably priced ceramic bowls, cups, plates and individual casserole dishes that are microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.  She notes that her glazes are lead-free and safe for food and drink. The colors she works with are earth tones; tan, blue and green when overlapped they create beautiful blends.  All her pots are hand thrown, trimmed and signed.  Aside from her functional pottery Anita’s sculptural art is a mixture of wheel thrown, hand built or a combination of both, she uses several methods of firing -- raku, reduction or pit-- to get results.  She plays with the forms to perfect concepts that reflect her personality.  She says, “each ceramic piece is one-of-a-kind”. A graduate of San Francisco State University with a BA in art, emphasis in ceramics, Ms Lowe has been developing her technique for more than 40 years.  "No matter how much effort I put into a clay piece, the fire, glaze, wind, air and timing all play a role and control of the final outcome of the pottery is left to Karma," says Anita Posey Lowe.  "That's the beauty of pottery and why I enjoy working with it."


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